You got any pics of this or similar Travis....anyone?

What APC do you use and what batteries are added? What do you draw and what is th run time? Do you know how many times the one with the most cycles has been drawn down? How long do the batteries last?


Travis Johnson wrote:

You can't use just 1 battery. The APC units want to see 24vdc, so you need two batteries running in series.

It works perfectly, as I have 20+ remote locations running off two gel type batteries. Make sure you install some type of a fuse on the positive side of the connection.


Mark Nash - Lists wrote:

I believe I remember some discussion on this list on connecting an external battery to an APC UPS. I'm in the middle of doing it right now and am having problems. The UPS just beep continuously with the 'bad battery' light on. I'm using a Lifeline deep cycle battery. Any ideas?

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