Ask them to supply you with the HIPPA compliance list point-by-point.
Then you show how you can comply when it is your responsibility and also point out where they are responsible for security. Then summarise this and they will see that they are more responsible for this "HIPPA" thing than you or any other carrier is. Because as has been pointed out before, if the data is encrypted when it leaves the terminal, the rest doesn't really matter. Point out also that this way they are free to change their providers anytime they want to, because they are in control of their security not an outsider.

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John Scrivner wrote:
It does not matter if the responsibility is the network admin or not when it comes down to purchase time. It comes down to perception. Right now perception of the hospital corporate officers is that wireless = not secure. I have been told by people who order circuits that they are not allowed to buy from me or any wireless operator due to security issues. I believe it will require some type of HIPAA "seal of approval" from some source or another before we can start selling to these guys. This could be bad for us. ALL of the hospitals are going to buying new circuits soon and right now I am out of the running.



To the best of my knowledge there are no HIPPA compliant solutions that are actually approved We have installed a ton of links for hospitals and other medical facilities an this issur comes up from time to time. We pretty much tell the customer that we are just a carrier and we encrypt oir data just like verizon does on a T1. And we all know how good that is. HIPPA compliance should beUp to the network administrator. Not the carrier IMHO. Ask someone how your network is not compliant. Its like Y2K all over again
Good luck
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Wireless broadband security issues have now officially led to my business being put into a bad light due to perceived lack of security. I am a member of a regional broadband planning group that is working with health care and other industry sectors to help deliver broadband options to all areas that need it. Rural Health centers and hospitals are all over the region and most need access to broadband which is highly secure. I need to know what others have done to bring HIPAA compliance assurance to network administrators and hospital personnel so that your solutions are chosen and used for health care connectivity. Currently my services are not being considered do to the perception of a lack of HIPAA security compliance. I need to get on top of this right now and welcome your thoughts and ideas. I would prefer to hear from those of you who have some actual knowledge of delivering HIPAA compliant connections or those who provide equipment which has been documented to meet HIPAA compliance.
Thank you,
John Scrivner


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