One thing that is different with the Western Multiplex vs. Redline or others is the WM is a "constant carrier", full-duplex radio. Changing them to a Redline or something else would actually be a downgrade for them... the true full-duplex operation as well as constant carrier radio makes this type of radio perfect for backhauling cellular and other telco type services.

We have several of the 2.4ghz WM full-duplex radios co-located on the same towers we are... you can sure tell with a SA exactly what channels they are using... ;)


Mike Ireton wrote:
Marlon K. Schafer wrote:
yeppers.  something like that.

Triangulate in on where it's coming from and ask the folks that own the structure the antenna is on.

It might be cheaper to pay them to change polarities than it is to reset your plan.

I think the concensus - western multiplex - makes sense. And probbly a cell carrier. I do totally understand legacy equipment and such, but dammit I could get a few hundred mbps out of that same chunk and have channel space left over... but again that's using moden equipment.

I know I probbly have zero chance of sucess, but would anyone think (provided I can find the operator) that we could work something out - either like a polarity change as marlon suggested, or just buy them some more spectrally effecient gear...? I understand they may need to have an actual T1 electrical interface, but there are a few players that can actually do this job with much much less spectrum. I know of ceragon and their fiberair, as well as redline can do this. I've never heard of a deal like this but it would be helpful. Otherwise I'm going to have to change plans and that's gonna be a little expensive. Sort of wish I'd done an SA first but it's in the middle of nowhere and I just assumed based on past experience it wasn't going to be a problem... WRONG!


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