Charles, I'm suprised!

In general I would advocate cooperation and it sounds like perhaps there would be some options here if this does turn out to be a cell carrier or such. We would certainly like to continue earning our reputation as good guys - even with competitors who otherwise would not do likewise - I simply didn't expect this situation here. On a commercial tower we'd be screwed I know. But I think this goes both ways - since I'm going canopy here and going to do 5.8, it's going to hurt them and unintentionally so unless we figure something out. I do have sectorization as an option, as well as 5.2 and 2.4 and 900 if I really want. And cross polarization probbly won't be enough due to the high rssi already.


Charles Wu wrote:
Not that this is a good practice...but
Wmux radios are extremely sensative to interference on the Rx size (a wiff
of anything takes it down)
Figure out the Tx/Rx spread (may be 5.3 GHz on that particular site), and
shut them down on the Rx side -- maybe then they'll talk =)


P.S. -- if it's a short range shot, they can probably go licensed now for
the same price as unlicensed, and they'd get out of your hair completely

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