Frank at Pasadena Networks has stock and good pricing on the SR9s.
And yes we are paying $350-$389 for the gear based on quantity.

Which is still the lowest cost 900SU solution so far, every thing included.

I don't believe anybody has broke the $300 barrier except on large quantity.
If they have on less than Qty10 orders, I'd like to know about it to.

The good news, is there has never been better 900 competition to drive the price down.

Teletronics is comming out with their new 900 product in just a few weeks. But pricing has not been released yet. I'm really eagerly waiting to see what's delivered, since they are only 5 miles away from me, and buying from them would be like having my own local warehouse :-)

Tranzeo, has a very strong product as well that has been shipping. I heard there is a lot of politics behind the Tranzeo product that came out, but regardless they offer a feature rich unit, all in one package. Allowing consolidation of all the shipping costs to one vendor, instead of from all the different vendors necessary to get a unit made. I'm finding it rare that one vendor has stock of all the needed components at the same time, at the right price.

Trango and Canopy are going neck and neck on their CPE to drive the price down. But they are still more than I'd like to see on small quantity.

WaveIP, AirSpan, WaveRider, and there is one or two more that I'm missing.

I guess what I'm saying is its getting to be an exciting time for 900Mhz options. And I'm hoping this competitive pressure will get 900 down to the price it needs to be to tackle served residential neighborhoods, like the 5.8Ghz has.

We are finding that for most of the OEM 900 product though, best case speed gets close to 1mbps on a 5mhz channel. So Trango, is still our dominent choice, from towers,m where we do not need the flexibility and low cost of relaying.

My understanding is that the Tranzeo's are dual Ethernet ready to POE feed your Trango backhaul, with no customization of cases. But we have not tried it yet.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Where are people buying their SR9 client setups, if at all ?

What kind of pricing per "CPE"

I'm looking at a couple places, and coming back with like $350 each for a
rootenna / cable / SR9 / P.S. and RB112

Anyone see anything different ?


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