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I appreciate the honest criticism, really, but the situation about your
network being at an equity disadvantage is very real. You CAN sell it,
but you won't find many eager buyers and you won't get a good price. An
Alvarion network does bring a higher value. I'm sure Moto networks may
fetch an okay price (not as high as an Alvarion network). But, and this
is the reality, an 802.11b network has a much lower equity value. An
802.11 network using illegal gear will have an even worse value. That's
just reality and I will try to get validation from one or two of the
roll-up guys I know and I'll ask if I can quote him. ...(I've placed him
in the bcc, hopefully he is around this weekend to extend his opinion.)

Hi Patrick,

What basis do you have for the claim that an Alvarion network will fetch a
higher price than a Canopy network? Some analysis of historical sell prices?
I'd be interested to see it.

Dylan Oliver
Primaverity, LLC
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