Welcome Frank!

I am really glad to see you here and even more glad to see you and your
Company becoming a part of WISPA. I feel that we will be good for each other
and look forward to a long fruitful relationship.

Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC.
Rayville, La.
www.radioresponse.org (Katrina relief)
www.mac-tel.us             (VoIP sales)

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MarketingGroup, Inc.

Thank you John, for that kind introduction. I am looking forward to working
with WISPA and supporting the members of the association. While I have not
operated or worked for a WISP, there are many of the same issues I once had
when operating our dialup ISP.

If I may, I would like to provide a little background history of how we got
started with Postini. In early 2003 a few of our old ISP domains were
getting hit with direct harvest - DHA's and were bogging down the shared
servers were we using. In all, there were only 3 emails that covered those
domains, but in the past some 225k mailboxes were used.

Apparently, email accounts take a while to die out as well as the spammers
hitting anything they can find. The server was seeing some 50-100k SMTP
attempts and our host provider asked that we move those domains to a
dedicated box with some edge filtering. Since adding another appliance would
not solve the bandwidth issue, it would also be another point of failure to
potentially contend with.

I called Postini and took a test drive and was pleased with the results.
Just before our 30-day trial was just about to run out, our Postini
representative asked if I would be willing to become a Postini Partner in
reselling their services to companies like ours and other ISP, Webhosts etc.
I said why not and took the challenge.

Now fast forward 3-1/2 years and I feel we are at the right time and place
to venture out beyond our normal sales channel and go directly to the
market. I sincerely hope that I can be helpful to the members of WISPA, not
only in providing a service, but in also providing any of my own experience
or empirical knowledge.

Postini may not be the right for everyone, but you also may have other
customers looking for options and Postini may just be the right fit. Postini
is easy to monetize additional revenue because of its structure of an
outsourced solution. I will be talking more about these benefits in the
weeks and months ahead.

Frank Muto
FSM Marketing Group, Inc.
Postini Partner

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> Please join me in welcoming a true friend of the ISP / WISP industry as
> our newest Vendor Member, Frank Muto of FSM Marketing Group, Inc. Many of
> you already know Frank as a tireless advocate of all that is good for the
> WISP industry. He is joining WISPA to show his support and also to take
> the opportunity to offer spam filtering services that he sells to hundreds
> of other companies. I am looking forward to hearing more about what Frank
> is offering to us and I am certainly happy he has decided to make the move
> to joining WISPA formally. Here is a bit about Frank and FSM:
> FSM Marketing Group, Inc., was founded by Frank Muto in 1994 and
> incorporated in 2000. Starting in 1994, the business began providing web
> development and later in 1997 began offering hosting and dial-up Internet
> service.
> Since May of 2003, FSM provides Postini's Perimeter ManagerR for over 900
> customer mail systems. As an authorized Postini Partner, FSM offers ISP's,
> Web-hosts, IT consultants, integrators and businesses cost effective spam
> and virus filtering solutions, disaster recovery, message continuity and
> new and upgraded services on a continuous basis.
> Thank you again Frank, we look forward to working with you.
> Kindest regards,
> John Scrivner
> President

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