So you are saying you haven't seen more than 2.5X the monthly revenue? We sold a division of our company for 12X the monthly revenue + the FMV of the equipment in 2001. The current going rate that I have seen is more around 12X monthly + equipment infrastructure.


Peter R. wrote:
Tom DeReggi wrote:

Nobody in unlicensed is going to get 6X

Thats where you are wrong. However, the value of a higher Multiple is relevent to the amount of customers one has and what stage of development the company is in.

Nope. No one is currently paying 6X. Most I have seen is 2.5X.

Companies shopping come to me all the time to make connections.
And I have not seen any pay more than 2.5x. And we are talking MRC not annual.
Who pays for annual???

If I gave you 6x annual, I wouldn't make money for 7 years or more.
Even at 2.5x MRC, I don't see any pay out for 5 months. 2.5 to pay you ; 2.5 to right the balance sheet.

Oh, let me add that you can get 6X in STOCK!

- Peter
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