04.12.2006 / 08:06 Japan ranks top in number of 2005 mobile broadband Internet users GENEVA. December 4, 2006. KAZINFORM - Japan ranked top in terms of the number of users of broadband Internet services via mobile phone in 2005, a U. N. telecom body said Sunday.

The number of mobile broadband Internet service subscribers totaled 17. 79 million in Japan in 2005, followed by 12. 53 million in South Korea and 10. 26 million in Italy, the Geneva-based International Telecommunication Union said in an annual report on Internet services.

The total number of subscribers around the world came to 60. 25 million.

The number of worldwide fixed broadband Internet subscribers totaled 215. 48 million in 2005.

The United States topped this category with 49. 39 million, followed by 37. 5 million in China and 22. 37 million in Japan.

The ITU also said the number of global mobile phone subscribers jumped to 2,168.

43 million in 2005 from 740. 02 million in 2000.

Cellphones are rapidly spreading in developing countries as the costs for establishing networks for the services are less than those for fixed-line telephones, Kazinform refers to Kyodo.

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