Thanks Patrick,
I know how to do a lot of it, contract it. I know folks that do the labor part, but I am to supply the material. In the past someone else did it, so I am looking for vendors.

Manufacturing facility. Total of 6000', Longest run about 2500. Lots of pull boxes, few bends, just because of the plant layout. The building is over 2800' long, 600' wide.

Patrick Leary wrote:
Anixter, CSC Supply, Anicom (still around?), Graybar...these are (were)
common suppliers in my day. You need to know what type of "inside fiber"
though. Plenum? Non-plenum? What type of non-plenum? Will it require
innerduct (also plenum or non-plenum)? Conduit (EMT, rigid, etc.?).
Conduit construction for fiber is different than for electrical. For
example, you use sweeps instead of elbows and you'd need to install pull
boxes after every two 90's. (At each pull box you should coil some slack

Chris, do you know what you are doing? If not, don't bid it. Screw it up
and it will cost you big time. Fiber is tough from a tensile
perspective, but you have to know how to pull and bend it.
Is this one long run? That's over a mile. If that is the case and this
is all inside then you are doing some massive warehouse and/or plant
facility. If that's the case you likely have conduit issues, among many,
many other thing.

Also, I am assuming you do know how to terminate and test it?

I could list tons of questions but I don't know what your skill set is.
But a simple sourcing question does not give warm and fuzzy that you
know what you are doing, so you need to be careful.

Patrick Leary
AVP WISP Markets
Alvarion, Inc.
o: 650.314.2628
c: 760.580.0080
Vonage: 650.641.1243
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I have the opportunity to bid a inside fiber installation. I have a supplier of fiber, but am looking for another one or two for competitive

bids. Any recommendations for who to contact for about 6000' of multimode 50um fiber, 12 strand?
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