Matt, While You are correct in that statement, the TR5plus radios can handle more smaller packets per second than the standard TR5a units?. Thats what I thought I read?

Matt Larsen - Lists wrote:
Jory Privett wrote:
I have a need for a new PtP link that is 12.5 miles. The LoS is good and the spectrum is pretty clean. I have 100' towers on both ends. I am looking to use a pair of Tranzeo TR-5plus-32f radios with antennas. I am hoping to get about 10-12M real world transfer with this link. Does anyone have experience with these radios? Can I expect this kind of bandwidth? Any other radio suggestions that you would make for this link?

Jory Privett

Save your money - you can do that with the 5a24 integrated antenna units. 12meg shouldn't be a problem.

The setup you have specified here will work right out to the limits of the radios - 35 miles or so.

Matt Larsen

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