We did an install today...  Started it yesterday, but had no signal, where
we could see location for our AP at 11 miles.   Turned out to be a bad
dipole in the grid, but today, we went back, and of course, with a bad
dipole we had to switch antennas...

The only other antenna that was in the van was a VAGI (and it's at least a
half hour's drive one way back to  get another antenna), so we put it up.
I wasn't on the roof, so I didn't see the actual path, but from appearances,
the chimney was sorta "sideswiped" and I think created some multipath,
becuase our signal level at the AP was bouncing wildly from 9 to 13, which
is real low, and no amount of aiming could improve it.

So, we swung the VAGI 90 degrees, pointed at another access point that's
29.7 (or something like that, using Google Earth's measuring)  miles away...

I've got 18 db margin at the AP, and 14 db at the client end (-81
client, -77 AP ).

The AP is one our bird frying sectors, WRAP board running Star-OS and CM9.

The client is a Compex WP54 board, running Ikarus and a CM9.

Ikarus limit for ack timing is 50KM, and our measurement says we're at 48
KM.   But, it works fine, and repeated tests show the throughput well
exceeds the customer's sold 2M connectivity, with 20ms ping times while
transferring 2.3mbit steady state.

Now who was it said you gotta have amps to go the distance?

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