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Matt Liotta wrote:


We are now exceeding Orthogon's capacity on a regular basis.

Wow! Business must be good!

We are backhauling as much as we can with fiber, but that isn't an option in the suburbs. We have had good success with BridgeWave's products, but the distance is a problem. Any suggestions on a product that can do high throughput in the 5-10 mile range?

Look at licensed. I know that is obvious but I think it is the only way short of bonding Orthogons together. I thought the max distance for 70 GHz gbps radios was about 7 miles. It has been a while since I read the specs. I am sure the rain fade would be an issue here. There is actually much less attenuation of 70 GHz than there is at 60 GHz. There is a spike of absorption of 60 GHz where water molecules eat that signal. It gets better above 60 GHz. I believe that you can go through the air better with as high as 100 GHz than what you can with 60 GHz. Obviously there are other licensed options in lower frequency space as well. I know Charles has some experience running licensed high capacity backhaul. Charles, what do you run for backhaul over 100 mbps FDX?

I am looking for something that can easily exceed 100Mbps full duplex. I know the specs of the Orthogon Spectra and no it doesn't really get us past 100Mbps full duplex.

24Ghz unlicensed is looking like the sweet spot for us.

I thought 24 GHz unlicensed had limited bandspace which made the top end about 100 mbps FDX?

I bet Bob Moldashel has hit this same wall before. What do you do in this situation Bob? He was one of the guys who helped put New York City data traffic back together after 911. Any thoughts Bob?
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