I received an email from my support staff who was mad because a customer called 
screaming at them and the tech felt the installers weren't fixing problems 
aggressive enough.  Normally this is a simple fix but during this stressful 
season both sides flew off in a rage.  Our company dinner is tonight and I felt 
perhaps I should send a little reminder of who we are.  I laugh when the first 
line says how much I hate the holidays but trust me it gets better.  It's 
something us small business owners, especially in this business, have to 
remember to say when times get really stressful.  I just thougth I'd pass it 
on, I hope your not offended by it:
"You know what I really hate about the holiday season.  People feel they are 
under so much pressure to give that they become asses to everyone else.  Our 
customers become out of control crazy and our employees who deal with the same 
problems year round become more sensitive because you are under the same 
pressures personally for the holidays.
Pretty soon employee comments get harsher in the notes and the reactions get 
more radical and everyone goes away miserable.  I don't know about you but I 
can't wait for the end of the year so people can just calm down.  No business 
is more affected then ours because if anything fails the customer calls 
screaming that we ruined their Christmas or some nonsence like that, gee thanks 
for ruining ours too, ya jerk.
I just want to make sure you know that a smart remark in notes will be taken 
much more personally this time of year.  Saying "I just wish you installers 
would go fix it"  is going to be met with "I think you techs can come try and 
do our job" responses.  Neither is a reasonable statement but I understand the 
pressure on both of you.
The only thing you need to take away from this email is this.  I support you 
and will be as flexible as you need to make sure this season is not a pressure 
filled as the rest of the world is making it.  My daughter is ready to walk out 
of her job because her bosses are self serving and make no attempt to 
understand the added stress of the season and in fact are adding to it.  I 
won't add to yours.  
Tonight we all have dinner and I want just for those few hours you to remember 
that we are all in this together and we are a highly moral company who always 
goes beyond the rest to take care of our customers even at personal expense.  
We may not be a good battle for the billion dollar corporations who just want 
to lose money to kill us but the core of our customers are still seeking 
somebody in this world who still really cares about them and thats us.  So feel 
good that when the rest of the world seems to want to screw you we are caring 
about our customers and leading by example.
Now take a breath and lets get back to work, see you tonight and Merry 
Christmas and all those other religious greetings that I am now required by the 
religious police to say.  I got your back.
Forbes "
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