Well, I know we have been round and round this subject before, but, I am finally ready to buy a spectrum analyzer....

What I want....

Coverage of 900MHz, 2.3-2.5GHz, and 5-6GHz
Absolute power readings... I don't really care what the range on the power readings is as I can adjust the level as needed with attenuators But, I wish to do repeatable testing and comparison of radio cards and pigtails with the unit... Portable.... I don't need, (but would not object), to a hand held unit, but a big rack mount won't do me much good.... Reasonable price.... 1K$ or so..... Referb or recon is fine.... I'd consider used from someone well known on wispa....
Ext. antenna input

Ideas?  Suggestions?

I remember some talking about hand-held units on here before. Any body ever get one and use it?


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