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> Dee,
> There is a lot of interesting info and a lot of speculative and very 
> wrong info in that article on WiMAX security; especially the part saying 
> that it's easy to jam WiMAX. Witness the following text from the article:
> "It is reasonably simple, however, for an attacker to use readily 
> available tools to jam the spectrum for all planned WiMax deployments. 
> In addition to physical layer denial of service attacks, an attacker can 
> use legacy management frames to forcibly disconnect legitimate stations. 
> This is similar to the deauthenticate flood attacks used against 802.11 
> networks.
> Despite good intentions for WiMax security, there are several potential 
> attacks open to adversaries, including: Rogue base stations, DoS 
> attacks, Man-in-the-middle attacks and Network manipulation with spoofed 
> management frames... "
> The article author imagines that jammers are going to have $30,000 
> licensed "rogue" base stations laying around to jam with.
> The author somehow also imagines the possibility of jamming "all planned 
> WiMax deployments" - this is a ridiculous statement.
> The author further imagines that jamming will be allowed by the FCC. The 
> FCC may not act against jammers in license-free spectrum but rest 
> assured that they will very likely act against jammers in licensed 
> spectrum. For example, if someone started jamming Verizon cellphone 
> towers, both Verizon and the FCC would act pretty quickly to find the 
> guilty party and have them arrested. They could probably even be charged 
> as a terrorist under current laws.
> I'm glad you posted this link. Like many wireless articles these days, 
> this one contains some good information and some bad information. All we 
> need is the knowledge or the resources to tell which is which is which 
> is which...
> jack

Hi Jack,

Well, try calling me tomorrow. It will be an interesting conversation.


> W.D.McKinney wrote:
> > I am familiar with these issues and hope you have time to read the post
> today at
> > http://www.dailywireless.org/
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> > Cheers,
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