The right thing to do is to coordinate the install with the wisp so you can 
monitor the exsisting link while installing the new and have plan B ready to go 
if there is a conflict. No harm no foul.  That can be a challenge if you don't 
know the wisp is even there.  
 I have done this repeatedly with Government agencies trying to use unlicensed 
gear in an ever growing wisp markets.  For you non believers a spectrum scan 
gives you great insite into what is out there. So you can plan ( engineer ) 
around it. If done properly, 360* on a verticle, horizontal, and diagnal 
polarity.  You get great results.  You may find complete spectrum may find nothing..What ever you do don't do anything the right 
way and don't invest any money to do it right either.
What do most do..... Well I don't think I need to cover that, your point is 
well made. In south America several yrs ago it was called the AMP WARs which 
some members of this digest still do today. Thats the kind of unprofessionalism 
I am talking about. Thats also why it confuses me that so call professionals 
will use the cheapest spectrum hogs on the market and then brag about how big 
thier customer base is just to save a dollar and then bitch when they have 
issues with performance because they short cut and didn't bother with doing the 
home work.  Youv'e gotta love Fluff.  CHEAPER doesn't mean BETTER I don't care 
how well it suites your pocket book.  If you can't afford to do it right then 
don't do it.  If that means you need to hire someone to figure it out for you 
then hire them, but make damn sure you pay them if you want thier help in the 
future.  If your not willing to invest in yourself then what kind of msg are 
you sending to your customers....."Just keep sending me y
 our check.. I'll have a tech look into first thing tomorrow." Another truck 
roll and more unessesary time and money spent.  I bet with all the truck rolls, 
time and money spent on troubleshooting you could have bought a magic carpet to 
deliver the customers bandwidth personaly. Point being with all the money 
wasted you could have bought the better gear, had a better network, do I dare 
say, a reliable network. It all adds up to dollars and sense.  Unfortunatly the 
guy with the dollars seems to be the guy missing the sense.
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Sent: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 7:38 PM
Subject: Re: [WISPA] high throughput backhaul options

You are still totally missing the point... 
> In doing so you may wipe out or interfere with the poor little WISP 2 > miles 
> away. What do you do??? 
Thats not generally the outcome. If the little WISP down the street just goes 
away, there is no problem. But he doesn't because his whole livelihood is 
invested in his WISP business. What happens is after you wipe out the poor 
little WISP 2 miles away, the little WISP buys a big club (big radio) and wipes 
you out back, and smiles after he Wiped out the poor little you. 
This isn't a battle about 15K gear and cheap gear. Its been proven over and 
over again that cooperation is more effective than fighting a WAR. 
The BIG rich over confident provider no longer has the upper hand to bully the 
little poor WISP2, just because they are better funded. Its amazing what harm a 
$200 WARboard and 400mw card will do with a $180 3ft PAC Wireless dish. Not 
that I'm suggest attempt harm. I'm just saying WISP2 can now afford to grab 
just a big a club as you can. This is a REAL Risk, and equalizes the playing 
field. You play nice or everyone looses. 
I never said its not occasionally necessary to install over someone else. You 
do what you need to do, to get the link done. I simply suggested to avoid it 
when you can, unless their was just cause to do other wise. I just can't 
understand why participants on this thread have not grasped this simple 
principle. If you don't get it by now, I'm wasting my breath. I'm done with 
this one. 
Tom DeReggi 
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc 
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband 
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Subject: Re: [WISPA] high throughput backhaul options 
> OK...Lets look at this whole issue with one other twist. 
> Let's say you need a large pipe to carry 100 Mb full duplex between 2 > 
> locations. You happen top have a $15K link sitting on the shelf that you > 
> could deploy. In doing so you may wipe out or interfere with the poor > 
> little WISP 2 miles away. What do you do??? 
> Incur more expenses by buying another link that will not cause > 
> interference?? 
> Do you pay the ILEC/CLEC?etc for a 100 Mb pipe??? 
> Or do you put it up and just "go with it"??? 
> I bet I know what most of you would do. Werger or not you will print it > is 
> another issue. 
> But let's hear it. 
> What would ya do?????................. 
> -B- 
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