I've been seeing something strange in a pop I'm changing over from 
Trango 900 to Tik and SR9.

The Trango AP reports the noise floor ( on all 4 channels ) to be 
no worse than -88 (for vpol, that's awesome!)   I can make a link 
from 2 miles out with the trango, no problem.   I remember surveying 
with a canopy 900 AP as well, and seeing about the same - -86 to -90.

When I switch radios, with same antennas (the trango cpe in that
case was using external antenna), I get no link, but an observed 
signal strength at the CPE side of -75 (which the trango CPE said

At the AP side, the Mikrotik box (version 2.9.38) reports a noise
floor when using the "monitor" app, of -38!!  This has GOT to be a bug.

Has anyone else here seen this ?  The problem here, is that
these "buggy" numbers throw off the SNR ratio, and no connection
from CPE-> AP can be made.

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