Hi Dennis,

In my deployment, Mikrotik would not handle the radius authentication by MAC address like StarOS does. I also like to use the Orinoco cards for my access points, and Mikrotik does not have a driver for those cards - whereas StarOS has an excellent driver. I wanted to try out Mikrotik on my network, and I do have a couple of MT APs on my network, but they are not integrated with my radius/provisioning system and they are going to be replaced as soon as I can get out to them.
Matt Larsen

Dennis Burgess - 2K Wireless wrote:
Matt, I am curious,

I have used staros, and it is a good OS.  Don't get me wrong.  It does work
and it works well.  I am wondering what about the MT in the setup did you
not like, or like better in star os?

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StarOS would handle this easily. I tried Mikrotik with a setup like this, and it just didn't work quite right. FWIW, I have a StarOS AP with approx 50 customers on it that has been up for almost a year. Not a single reboot, just works.
StarOS will also do hotspot type authentication as well.

Matt Larsen

Forbes Mercy wrote:
We're still looking for the ideal Access Point.  We realize we can't pack
much more then 30-40 on these so that's one limitation.  We use basically
three types:  Older Smartbridges 2510 which are great units but unavailable,
the New Smartbridges replacements which don't seem to want to consistently
stay up and Engenius AP's.
The reason we like the Smartbridge is because it allows a pass through
username/password style of authentication that bypasses the switch so we can
have a centralized access granted in our radius server and it interfaces to
our billing.  We haven't found another like it.  On the other hand the
Engenius has to have authentication through the switch before radius so the
AP is essentially open to relaying from unethical competitors while the
We're pretty sick of the new smartbridges being not only unreliable but
takes forever to put in a MAC through it's overly complicated and slow
loading internal menus.  If you have any others that can work like the old
2510' s with good capacity and pass through radius please let me know.
Forbes Mercy
President - Washington Broadband, Inc.

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