Vendors pay $1000 per year and get to advertise directly to list members. We seem to have much better luck showing vendors the value of paid membership than the very people we serve most, namely the WISP operators. We are getting some new operators from time to time and we appreciate each and every one of them. What is important for us all to understand is that we will really start to see much more opportunity for the collective once we see a higher number of operators joining the organization formally. If you are a WISP and you use this list or other WISPA provided resources then please go to and signup to become a member of the organization. It takes about two minutes of your time and $250 once a year. We will send you the invoice and directions for your next steps once you signup for membership. WISPA belongs to all of you (WISP operators) so please show your support. Signup today.
Thanks guys,
John Scrivner

Charles Wu wrote:

Aren't the current WISP dues like $250 ish / year? (that really isn't that

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It also means that at some point organization will have to be established with committees to handle recruiting new, paid members; vendors; etc.

Vendors need to get ROI - pay back on the membership fee. Vendors need
member support, just as members need Vendor support.

If you have a favorite vendor, why not ask them to join WISPA? It's your org
and you need to help it grow and thrive as well. (It's not just the Board
who's unpaid job it is to do all the heavy lifting).

I have been on the Board at 2 ISP associations (names withheld on purpose :).
Members always complain about the dues.
My suggestion was that we reduce the dues based on hours spent working for the ORG. So if you were active on 2 committees, perhaps your dues were reduced by 50 or 65%.
Just a thought to bat around.

Same with a vendor. Some vendors cannot cost justify $1000 per year. For
instance, a DSL modem company would have to move 1000 modems or more to ROI the membership fee.

Just some early morning ramblings.

- Peter @ RAD-INFO, Inc.

Mac Dearman wrote:

Welcome Jeff - J.C and whole ImageStream gang!

I don't know what the rest of you guys/gal's think, but to me - - WISPA is gaining ground, industry recognition and respect amongst our peer's. When we have quality vendors (such as we have) coming on-board it tells me that we will soon have the tools in the arsenal to really make a huge difference in the industry that we are a part of. The future looks very bright - indeed.

Mac Dearman

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