There are 66 blocks that are CAT5 rated. We have also terminated on 66 blocks that were CAT5 rated and had RJ45's pre mounted and terminated to the block. If I find the mfg/part number I'll post it.

BTW:  I owe you a phone call.


Brad Belton wrote:

I have been told the same regarding terminating pairs on a 110 block vs. 66
block.  110 blocks were made with CAT5 in mind whereas 66 blocks were around
probably long before CAT5 was widely implemented.

I'm not sure if they make 66 blocks that are CAT5 rated or not, but the ones
we use come with covers labeled CAT5.  We've used them in a number of
projects ranging from water towers to apartment complexes.

Yes, I understand there is a common color code used for 25pr, but we simply
keep the pairs in the same order at each end of the cable.  We haven't had
any trouble maintaining 100MB FDX over this setup and in some cases the
cable is every bit of 330'...maybe a bit more.



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