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Does anyone have a simple "wireless installation" training manual already put together? We are finally to the point we need to have something for the new hires, but I want to see if anyone has something they want to share?

As you may know, I am working on several technical training classes, including one that covers "WISP Basics". While the focus of this class is not exactly what you asked for, it is a good starting point. However, If you'd like, I can put together a manual for you. While I'm at it, how many others would be interested in such a manual? If I did this, it would most likely be a video that covers such topics as:
        * Mounting techniques - rooftop and dss arm type mounts
        * Antenna basics - aiming and testing link quality
        * Weather proofing - we all know about this
        * Cable runs - including basics on how to drill various
                materials and where to drill (and not to drill).
                Also, "drip loops"
        * Grounding
        * Termination of LMR and Ethernet cables
        * Testing the final install

This is just off the top of my head, but the real question would be (for me), how many would be willing to pay for such a video...and what is it worth?

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