Regarding the upcoming meeting at the FCC I have these points.  It is important 
to our customers and the media to come away with results from these meetings.  
Could we find an item, ANY item no matter how small to have pre-approved and 
pre-negotiated agreement with the FCC.  This way when we can come home and do 
press releases we can claim the Mighty FCC is listening to our concerns and 
because of our visit passed this resolution which will benefit all small 
business and the public in general.  Then we can mention the big stuff we 
discussed and get public support even if it's a rats chance in hell the FCC 
will give it. :)   It certainly can also help with our own community seeing OUR 
company as the activist for them whch puts us ahead of our local competitors in 
their eyes.
An hour or so meeting with a bunch of FCC employees who are rolling their eyes 
as they deal with another special interest group wanting something will not 
motiviate them to ask us back, we need to present a unified and inspired 
presentation not just individual whining.  Last time guys asking for 
frequencies or special stuff just made them wonder when their next meeting was 
and how soon they could duck out.  Mac Dearman captivated them with his story 
of Katrina and that's the kind of stuff they need to know.  THEN we throw in 
the other stuff to show how the next disaster will mean calling on us again and 
here's how we are ready.  PLUS if we have the pre-approved resolution staff 
will know we have their bosses full support increasing our stature with them.  
No one likes the whiner but everyone likes someone who can run with the ball.  

Also getting the FCC to preapprove something could be released to major trade 
and public publications getting WISPA better positioning as the primary 
Wireless group in the country.  This also raises the reputation of WISPA in the 
government and vendors eyes opening more doors and opportunities.  You can't 
knock good PR and the FCC should be happy to do it because it sheds them in a 
positive light since all government wants to be seen as helping the little guy 
plus they understand Politics better then you or I ever will.  Because of that 
they won't be insulted by you asking for a pre-approved resolution to be 
released at our visit, in fact they will respect us more for being saavy enough 
to think that way.  
Whoever goes should work together to provide uniform presentations that endorse 
each others issues as important while emphasizing on their own point. Like 
saying (just an example) "Marlon is right about the frequencies, I have three 
frequencies in the 2.4 range and I'm trying to blanket an area with 600 
overlapping signals."  Leave it at that because Marlon just spent his 10 
minutes talking about how hard it is to coordinate three frequencies and the 
triple labor costs involved in interferrence issues for himself let alone his 
fellow Wireless competitors.  Just one sentance of endorsement so they retain 
Marlon's idea then it's time for your point.  "Along those lines I'd like to 
suggest that the WISP's not have to compete with the cordless phones and 
wireless cameras of the world who are providing luxury not necessary 
communication.  The FCC should recognize that we are an important part of 
deliverying communications as endorsed by the President and Congress strong 
mandate for rural deployment.  This could be done with our own frequency range 
that is used at a higher power so we can compete with the cable and phone 
companies who have never provided rural coverage but sure love to threaten it 
every time you help anyone compete against them."  Its more of a tag team 
approach which makes the meeting more productive and minimizes their feeling 
that they will just get pounded on one subject.  Oh and if possible whip out a 
letter from your Congressman at the end endorsing your point.  The ole one two 
punch gets em every time.  These meetings are rare and the rest of the public 
considers it big thing, we should be smooth and ready.
Just my thoughts,
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Hi All,

We're set to meet with the FCC (lots of new staff and a couple of new
commissioners) in Feb.  14,15 or 16.  Topics etc. are still being worked

I'm also going to try to get a spot at:

I need 5 or 6 people that would like to go.  Naturally, you'll have to cover
your own expenses.  I'll see if I can talk the board into helping a bit with
those, but I'm not sure where we're sitting money wise right now.....

I think that only WISPA members should be invited to participate.  Thoughts
on this?

If you are interested/available for a trip to DC please let me know ASAP so
we can firm up all of the details.

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