Tom DeReggi wrote:
They have been exclusive. But that is part of the problem. Some how some people conclude that an open wholesale network gets around the legallity and intent the FCC has for unlicensed spectrum.

But I also feel it is anti-American and border line illegal for City agreements to be exclusive.

EXACTLY, this has been the problem all along.

Whats going to happen when Earthlink gets exclusivity in any of these
cities or towns we are in. Is the city now going to stop us from
operating in their area?

Of course they are.

Nice thing about this city council, is that one of the councilors was a
wisp. Not sure if he's non profit or what, but he understands and he was
able to explain the situation to the other councilors.

I'm afraid that in most all councils, they are not educated, aware, or
understand the reasons against exclusivity.

I think all the wisps in wispa and else where, ought to go to their city
council, address the council at one of the regular meetings. At the
beginning of the meetings generally there is a time for public comments
that you can talk to the council about stuff not on the agenda  and tell
them what you have to say.

I'm not saying that you all should go and complain, but rather go and
introduce yourself and tell them who you are what you do and the service
you provide, amount of employees that you have and a maybe even general
idea of how much you gross and put back into the local economy.

I've had to go in front of the council a couple of times, and it's
usually an easy and positive thing. If they like what you are saying or
even if just one of them likes what they are hearing, they will engage
you into even more conversation where you can pump your wisp even more!

It's really up to us, the small operator to take the bull by the horns
and make some hay. Otherwise, the "consultants" are going to come in and
sell them on someone else.

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