I have to agree.  If one just absolutely feels the need
to gripe about their competition, one must be honest,
and be able to back up what they say.
Many however, will not buy from someone who
badmouths their competition - no matter whether true
or not. Whatever happened to just being better than the competition?

And exclusive rights? I figure that will end up in court, just as Cable TV and Telephone did.

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My apologies if you find this offensive and my honesty may not win me
any fans here, but your advice includes some dishonest assertions and
your letter to your city council is, in my view, libelous regarding
Clearwire, threatening to your officials, and absolutely asserts false
information (you have zero frequency rights as a first-in operator) and
you have less than zero rights to be protected from any users operating
in their lawfully owned or leased licensed spectrum such as the WCS 2.3
GHz bands or 2.5ish GHz BRS/EBS bands.

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