Mark McElvy wrote:
> Anyone out there that can help me set this up? I am a Windows guy and
> have successfully installed Linux several times but have not figured out
> how to install FreeRadius successfully. If I had the time I might be
> able to do it but I thought it might go faster with a little expertise.

Assuming you don't need anything really crazy fancy, on Debian, just
give yourself root privileges (from a console, type 'su' and enter the
root password), then 'apt-get install freeradius'.

If you've set up FreeRADIUS before (by using, perhaps, the Windows port
of it) everything is pretty similar. The configuration files are all in
/etc/freeradius (I think, they might be in /etc/raddb), and they're
copiously well-documented.

If you've got any specific questions or needs, feel free to hit me
offlist and I'll try to help you out.

David Smith
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