Patrick Leary wrote:
Right guys, I accept all that may be true but even in the DSL world,
customers provide their own routers and that is certainly true of
commercial customers.

Not in the Qwest DSL world. at least the resi stuff they sell.
Comes with an actiontec or 2wire wireless router with 4 ports and a built in dsl modem. Complete deal the Qwest technician can log into if they need to. All the customer has to do is plug in or wireless connect.

Understood that commercial connections wouldn't want that type of a router.

Point is, the trend is and rightly so, to get as close to the customer as possible to idiot proof their connectivity. Thus, the quality router.

I bet even wisps who use your gear for resi have had issues and lost customers because of the confusion of where responsibility lies concerning the router.

George Rogato

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