My $0.0002(US) worth - we need to begin educating our customers and implementing fair access policies to enforce them and then we need to content label our services so that our customers understand what they are getting with each type of service. Peer to Peer on a pc loaded with stolen music running on autopilot and unlimited data transfer for $39.95/mo, is not a sustainable business model. Neither is singling out suspected abusers and calling them or cutting off their service when some unwritten and arbitrary limit or useage pattern is noticed.

The problem is that implementing these systems, is time consuming and complicated. It is also not a default feature of most networks, to have accounting per individual user. Nor is it a default design decision to have an effective single point of rate limiting control that applies to individual users. How many of you have individually rate limited 2.4ghz subs at their cpe, for example? Not many I bet. How many of you have subs directly plugged into a switch port? Probbly lots. Unfortunately, to implement a realistic fap you need to have both elements I mentioned - per user accounting, and per user traffic control - and you don't have this unless you've built your network to provide it, and going back to implement these things is disruptive and costly. Some may settle for traffic control at the noc where their bridged subscriber traffic is rate limited and throttled by a bandwidth arbitrator, but still it doesn't stop high rate traffic (port scanning viruses, anyone?) from getting into the network in the first place and doesn't provide nearly as effective limits as having it at the cpe side.


ryan Spott wrote:

Man o Man, that was 2 years ago and he STILL P***ES and moans about it! Due to this, I use a "play nice" policy. If I see some abnormal usage (and I get paged by my MRTG system) I simply cut the user off for a bit to break the bit-torrent session or I call the user. I tell them that they are on a shared system and that if they don't play nice then they can't play at all.

Now, I have little to no competent competition so if the end user really wants to get mad then I let them out of their contract.

My $.00002(CAN) worth.

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