In general what is considered a better combination, lower powered radio
w/ higher gain antenna or higher powered radio w/ lower gain antenna?


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OK, lets be clear on what the rules are today guys.  (Why did I know
THIS thread was gonna turn out to be a ton of fun (said the pot to the 

Here's how it works.  If you have a AP out there it can have a MAX
output of 
4 watts.  36dB.  That holds true for 900, 2.4 and 5.8 bands.  I forget
the strange 5.7 unii band rules are but I think they are 4 watt also, at

The 5.2 (some call it the 5.3) gig band has a 1 watt limit.

As for antenna choices, you can use any antenna of the SAME type as long
it's of equal or lower gain AND the same type.  If you are using an ap
(doesn't matter if it's in a tranzeo box, war board or mt or whatever 
anymore) certified with a 15 dB vpol omni then you can use any vpol omni
similar in and out of band specs that's 15 dB or less.  Want to run a 15
hpol omni?  Nope, gotta go get it certified with that (I could be wrong
this one but I don't think so).  Certainly if you want to put a sector
so sorry, no can do.  Unless that is, it's certified with *A* sector.

Here's the really fun part.  Under the NEW rules (from a year or two
ago) if 
you want to run an amp it has to be a part of a COMPLETE system.  AND
devices have to be keyed to each other.  Meaning that the ap and the amp

have to have unique connectors or be electronically keyed to each other.

Thanks Michael Young formerly of YDI.

On the cpe side things get even more fun. I'm only gonna talk about ISM 
rules as I keep forgetting exactly what the UNII rules are and few mix
match in the UNII band anyway.

900 mhz
4 watts max.  You can use any antenna you want as long as it's of the
type (grid, yagi, panel) and similar specs as the LARGEST one certified
the radio.  If they certified a 20 dB yagi, you can use almost any yagi 
that's 20dB or less.  If they certified no yagis you can't use one.

2.4 ghz
Starts at 4 watts.  30 dB of radio output and 6dB of antenna gain.  For
dB you reduce the radio output you can raise the antenna gain by 3dB.
At 24 
dB of radio output (250mw) you can put on a 24dB grid.  This gives you a

total of 60 watts of output.  Same rules apply though.  If the radio
certified with a grid antenna or with one that's less than 24 dB you
do this.  Make sure that your radio manufacturers are certifying
with the LARGEST antenna of all common types!!!!!  If they aren't
with anything but a consumer grade rubber ducky, we can't legally use

5.8 ghz
Starts with 4 watts.  30dB of radio output and 6 dB of antenna gain.  Go
big as you want with the antennas, no need to drop the radio power.
other rules about certification apply.

Is my network perfect?  Nope.  Is it all within eirp limits?  You bet. 
Well, I've got one sector that used to be an omni and I need to pull our
amp but I'll save that project for better weather.  And it's only
hurting me 
(does create a LOT of interference on one of my other systems in town).
I go around bragging about, or complaining about compliance issues?

That said, I'm working very hard to correct any compliance issues we
It'll take another year or two, but I'll have everything certified.
are growing too fast and getting too good to think that we can stay
the radar.  Eventually there will have to be a crack down.  Or another 
change in the rules.  I'm not sure which will happen, I prefer at least
eirp crackdown.  It's hard enough competing in this industry without a
of people that don't understand that more is not better most of the time

screwing up the airways.  (BTW, that's the bad thing about rec.
They tend to raise the overall noise floor which, in the end, is the
same as 
running more amps out there.)

If you hire a consultant that doesn't at least explain all of this to
go hire a new consultant.  The one you have either doesn't know the
rules or 
he's only in it to take your money.  And if he'll take your money
worrying about your long term legality, what else will he do to you?

Let the Marlon bashing begin!
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> Then you must not be aware that Lonnie is now also selling the
> package.
> The newest product is Star V3, Atheros cm9 and a gateworks customized 
> board to Lonnies specs.
> It's called the WAR board, or Wireless Advanced Router. They come in 2

> flavors, a 4 port 533MHz proc or a 2 port 266MHz proc, both with 2 
> ethernets. Can do 5, 10, 20,,40MHz channel widths.
> I have  better than 200 maybe 250 by now WAR boards in place with Pac 
> Wireless Rootennas both 5 gig and 2 gig.
> Recently I built a new pop using a water tank. My transfer rate from
> tank to my house gave me just under 30megs ftp across that link using
> pair of 266's.
> Most of the links I put in are 5 gig and I use the 2nd port for a 2
> wifi ap for the immediate area.
> I can honestly say that I can not remember having to reboot any of my
> boards and 20 megs is not uncommon across my wireless man.
> George
> Patrick Leary wrote:
>> Lonnie, you are just doing what I wish I were smart enough to do --
>> write code people are willing to pay for. Software is always better
>> hardware: you avoid FCC hassles, you have no hard shipping or
>> costs, you need no production facilities, you don't have to negotiate
>> purchase of and stock components, you can live anywhere, it can be
>> instantly deployed, etc., etc.
>> I've nothing but respect for what you've done. For all the same
>> I'd think you were insane if you went into
>> hardware in this business.
>> Patrick Leary
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>> Seemed kind close to my home is all.
>> All the Best in 2007.
>> Lonnie
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