Well, JohnnyO- you might want to also educate these people, then:

Their product, a "Truckpc" is being installed in many fleet vehicles. One
fleet that comes to mind is US Express, a long haul package hauling service
http://www.usxpress.com/   The device communicates back to the office via
Satellite, Cellular, or WiFi- whichever is available and cheaper.  According
to the manufacturer, it can hunt down open and unsecured access points and
do your "HIGHLY illegal" act of connecting and sending its data whenever it

I'm not endorsing this behavior, of course, but I wanted to bring it to the
attention of the list.

How do I know?   My WISP operates hotspot portals that allow casual users to
make use of our mountain and tower-top sectors of WiFi.  These cover major
portions of several towns.  These towns have a major Interstate route
passing through them.  I began noticing numerous TRUCKPC leases being
granted by the DHCP servers in these towns.  I became concerned about what
they were, so I did a little internet research and ended up on the phone
with technical support at Drivertech. This is who confirmed how these
devices operate and who the probable fleet culprit was.

If anyone has portals near major truck routes, check your DHCP logs and see
if you see the TRUCKPC SSID grabbing leases. You may want to either block it
or contact these folks and work out a "roaming agreement".

Serious part over, joke follows:

This message brought to you by the World's largest free wireless internet
provider. Look for our SSID wherever you go: Linksys.


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Brian - Ham Operator or not - do you realize that what you're planning on
doing is HIGHLY illegal and has several people over the past 2 yrs in
Federal Prison as we speak ?

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