I agree with Carl. I sold a CPE to the County Sherrif for their comm van. Gave them the SSIDs and WEP keys for my APs. Gave them the GPS coordinates for the APs. Gave them IP Addresses as needed for statically addressed POPs. Now in an emergency, if they can find one of our APs, they are good to go.
Carl A jeptha wrote:
This where wisps come in, they should be part of the emergency response plan, not a half-assed after thought. I have been trying to make my community understand that a well built rural wireless solution should be part of every County's emergency plan.. in our ham operator's case, a quick call or knowledge of encryption used should get them on the network and to the necessary info and comms req.

You have a good day now,en mag jou more's ook so wees.

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Matt Liotta wrote:
Jack Unger wrote:
OK, I'll forgive the analogy but, in a real emergency, you have to do what needs to be done.

Actually, in an emergency a public safety organization should make use of their emergency communication plan, which really shouldn't rely on unlicensed spectrum, a consumer access point, and a best effort internet connection.


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