WEP is easily broken. The much stronger WPA2 (WPA2/AES) is a simple setup.

For personal/home use just use a pre shared key (PSK) which is just a shared

Unlike WEP, with WPA2 there is no fixed or hard to remember HEX code. Just
pick a good shared password for home/personal use.

Just use the same password in your PC and AP. Win XP is simple to setup with
WPA2, see the XP Advanced tab for the wireless interface.

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> From: Rick Smith
> With all this discussion, I've not done it in a while for
> clients - is there a website somewhere that details all
> the methods for A/P and CPE security ?
> I remember Win XP being a royal pain in the keister when 
> trying to get it to work with WEP and Linksys...
> Any good guides out there ?  Perhaps WISPA's website should
> hold the how-to, and we all make it a habit to secure clients
> access to their own wifi networks.

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