Who says the guy on the front side of the paycheck isn't making money?

The more I see what goes on out there, the more I'm convinced that some people are just really good at spending others money. It doesn't matter if they turn a profit or not, as long as those original funders get their money back out, no one cares about the rest of the investors.

Think about it, given the chance, how many of us would take on a job that could put a million or three in our bank accounts even though, in the end we knew we were destined to fail. Guys like me will try to talk the money people into a better idea, some out there though, will say "Sure thing, I'll get right on that project!"

I think the stock market and the futures markets are two of the most sinister industries out there. They manipulate far more of the average person's life than they ever should. About the only things worse are elected officials and trial lawyers :-)

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In Louisville I hear them affectionately called US Clueless. The name really caught on a few years ago as they announced and subsequently deployed a new technology 900 MHz system and spent tremendous dollars and made lots of noise both publicity and in rf spectrum, I think I remember hearing around 500K for the phase 1 roll out.

After a couple of front page spin articles in the Courier Journal, came the third, a picture of an engineer on the roof at their transmitter and a caption below saying "it isn't working as well as we had hoped." You can't buy better coverage.

With that said, I know some of the folks leftover from the days of Darwin that ended up at US Wireless and wish them well.

A press release from 2003 discussed 500 enterprise customers. Surely those numbers changed since their 2005 buying spree, 8 or 9 companies that included Iskywire, VOIPWorks, United Broadband Networks, and Yyireless1 Net that I can remember. As Mr Leary said another post a conglomeration.

In watching this unfold for the last 10 or more years, the lesson I've learned is that all the spin, money, and high level partnerships and contacts you have, or even the products you buy, won't make a lick of difference if you never execute a business plan and actually make money.

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US Wireless Online Sells 50.1 Percent Ownership Stake to Sutioc Enterprises
Tuesday January 2, 2007


Operational Management and Support Services to be Provided by IElement

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. 2, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- US Wireless Online,
one of the nation's largest wireless broadband network operators,
announced today that it has completed the sale of a 50.1% ownership
stake to Sutioc Enterprises, Inc.

In conjunction with the transaction, which closed on December 27, 2006,
Sutioc has entered into an agreement with IElement Corporation, Inc.
whereby IElement will provide certain management and support services to
US Wireless. As part of the agreement, IElement will provide out sourced
customer service, technical support, network management, accounting,
billing and collection services as well as act as an advisor to US
Wireless' current management team. IElement is a nationwide provider of
advanced communication services and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
solutions with a network presence in 18 major markets in the United
States, including facilities in Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago.

At the time of the sale, Sutioc and US Wireless were able to retire over
$3.5 million in US Wireless' debt.

US Wireless also expects to quickly benefit from efficiencies resulting
from the transactions including the ability to streamline its operations
and reduce administrative and operational costs. In addition, US
Wireless will soon be able to offer its current and new customers a
complete suite of voice and data products and services through
IElement's product offering.

``The combination of US Wireless' organization and network facilities
with IElement's management experience, infrastructure, broad product
range and service capability should significantly improve the Company's
competitive position,'' commented Rick E. Hughes, CEO of US Wireless
Online, Inc. ``We look forward to working with Sutioc and IElement. We
anticipate leveraging their strengths and resources to resume the growth
and expansion of our business in the near future.''

Additional announcements relating to the transaction, new product
launches, Wi-Fi Pittsburgh and other evolving developments are expected
in the near future.

About IElement Corporation:

IElement, based in Dallas, Texas, is a facilities-based nationwide
communications service provider that offers state-of-the-art
telecommunications services to small and medium sized businesses
(``SMBs''). IElement provides broadband data, voice and wireless
services by offering integrated T-1 lines as well as a Layer 2 Private
Network and VOIP solutions. These solutions provide SMBs with dedicated
internet access, customizable business solutions for voice, data,
wireless, internet, and secure communications channels between the SMB
offices, partners, vendors, customers and employees without the use of a
firewall or encryption device. IElement has a network presence in 18
major markets in the United States, including facilities in Los Angeles,
Dallas and Chicago. For more information on IElement, please visit

About US Wireless Online:

US Wireless Online owns and operates one of the nation's largest
wireless Internet broadband networks with significant coverage areas in
Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. The
Company provides commercial wireless Internet access and related
applications and services in the rapidly growing wireless broadband
industry. US Wireless Online is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.
For more information on US Wireless Online, Inc. please visit


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