I was thinking of doing some remote surveillance camera stuff for the cops. I was thinking cellular would be the only way to get net to these very remote areas.

What OS are you using that handles the cellular card?

Ralph wrote:
Yes it is. A 4521 if I remember correctly.

I didn't have the 2 port USB card in there at the time of the pics.
It has WiFi on a subnet, an Ethernet port on another subnet (both with DHCP
Plus another subnet on the second Ethernet port (no DHCP)
There's a built in web server that I access via a dyndns.org DDNS address
from the internet if needed.
Also included is a captive portal that I do not use, plus support for a USB
web can.
Quite a handy little box.

My favorite story is about taking a drive from Atlanta to Miami with 3 kids
in the car. They all had laptops and were all on the internet instant
messaging each other and all their friends.

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Is that a Soekris board?


Ralph wrote:
It will be something like a commercial version of this, I'm sure.


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AVIS is testing out an auto hotspot for $10.95 per day.
"Autonet Mobile and Avis will be teaming up to offer a Wireless Hotspot in your Avis car (for $10.95 a day)"

Dawn DiPietro wrote:

Cars: The New WiFi Hotspots?

By Jennifer LeClaire
01/03/07 11:00 AM PT

Autonet Mobile is hoping to fill what it sees as a void in the market with its wireless broadband mobile network. Its new Internet service provider for cars allows passengers to check e-mail, surf the Web, play games or communicate via any WiFi-enabled device. The company claims it will work on 95 percent of U.S. roads, regardless of driving conditions or location.

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