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I am designing the migration of my network to a MT hotspot solution for fixed wireless subs. It appears there are two ways to account for customer bandwidth usage, radius accounting or use IPflow data from MT routers and a an application like IPTrack to do the accounting. Anyone have suggestions?

Well, the truth is that both will give you information regarding customer data usage. If you plan to use the MT hotspot, then the RADIUS data is there already. RADIUS is going to be (IMHO) a much easier solution. Netflow data is nice, but there is a TON of information that it provides you. Is it worth the resource requirement to process? Perhaps.

If you are looking to see who is using bandwidth (and how much), RADIUS is the easy (and quicker) method.

If you want to know:
* who is using bandwidth
* how much is being used
* where they are going
* when they are going
* traffic types (tcp,udp,icmp, etc)

This data is available via netflow, but the cost is resource requirements (both in disk space and processor).

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