Agreement Announced on San Francisco Wireless Network
January 5, 2007 News Release
"Today, EarthLink and the City of San Francisco reached agreement on the terms of the contract to build a citywide wireless network," said Donald Berryman, executive vice president of EarthLink.

"This agreement catapults San Francisco into a leadership position in wireless technology: the network ensures universal, affordable wireless broadband access for all San Franciscans, especially low-income and disadvantaged residents; and through the mayor's digital divide program, children and students will have the digital tools to ensure that they have access to everything that the Internet has to offer the growing minds of the city's promising future.

"Other advantages of having a citywide wireless network include improving the efficiency of the city's government; stimulating private investment into developing tools and applications to take advantage of wireless technology, and providing more consumer choice and competition for broadband services than what exists today in the marketplace.

"We look forward to working with the Board of Supervisors to gain approval of the agreement so we can begin building out the network in 2007."

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