Thanks for the VERY nice comments Mac!  I have forwarded them on to our
entire team.  

I must say it is much easier to ship out gear than spend 24 hrs a day
working during Hurricane Katrina.  Our portion was very small in comparison
to your time and efforts in coordinating the effort.

Best Regards,

Ben Moore

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 I am under the notion that Pacific Wireless/Cush Craft is due some
recognition, serious back patting and an all around "ata boy - good job."

Some of us say Trango - some say Alvarion, some say StarOS and some of us
say MikroTik, but I think 90% of us all say PACWIRELESS! We dressed out
another water tower yesterday with the usual stuff for us which consists of
4 - 95* Hpol PacWireless sectors, 1 - 29dbi PacWireless 5.x grid, 1 -
PacWireless 32db dish w/radome and a PacWireless 12dbi w/3* electric down
tilt Omni for backup as well as 7 RB532A enclosed in (Naturally) 7
PacWireless hinged enclosures with (yes) 7 PacWireless lightening arrestors.

   When I pulled out my camera to document the install - - I realized all my
towers are dressed with GOBS of PacWireless antennas. On my 1.5 hour drive
home from that tower I started thinking "how many other manufacturers'
antennas do I have installed on my network?" Not counting the Trango dual
polarized there were a total of two other antennas that were not

My point is this - I buy PacWireless every time without ever giving quality
a thought as I have so much experience with Pacific Wireless Products in the
past that its never been a question. I have completely taken Pacific
Wireless for granted as I have never had an antenna bought from them that
gave me trouble. That is saying a lot in my book as I have to look and think
when ordering radios, SBC's, CPE...ETC. 

Ben - My hat is off to you and your Company! You have made it into my
Antenna "HALL OF FAME" and I am a true Pacific Wireless fan. Thanks for the
great products and keep up the good work. You have enabled so many of us to
build a fine network, offer multiple services over our infrastructure and
built in reliability as well as affordability! We will be looking at you to
keep up with "whatever" is new and fang dangled for the industry in the

Thanks for ALL THAT DONATED HURRICANE GEAR TOO!!! It is ALL still up and
running today serving many on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC.
Rayville, La. (Katrina relief)          (VoIP sales)

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