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January 2007 *WISP-ER 60 Second Update

*Designed to update you on the latest Wireless ISP information, conferences, happenings, and make you aware of special offers and provide valuable information.

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***Wi-Fi Alliance® to Ease Setup of Home Wi-Fi Networks with New Industry-wide Program*

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - The Wi-Fi Alliance has certified the first products implementing its new simplified method for configuring security-enabled networks in the digital home. The new optional certification, called Wi-Fi Protected Setup, is based on a specification developed by Wi-Fi Alliance member companies to provide an industry-standard approach to ease setup of Wi-Fi networks and encourage consumers to always enable security features.

For more details click here <http://www.wi-fi.org/news/010807-wifi-protected-setup/en/>

*Finally, Wireless Data Adoption Accelerates - 75% of US Businesses Have at Least One Data Application*

1/8/07 - Organizations, primarily large ones, focus on more sophisticated and valuable applications of wireless data networks, reports In-Stat. In addition, the number of users in 2006 having at least one wireless data application in the field has increased significantly, the high-tech market research firm says. Most organizations start with basic applications, such as wireless email and virtual private networks (VPNs), but the larger and more experienced organizations have plans for more sophisticated solutions. Recent research by In-Stat finds the following:

  1. The use of wireless data applications continues to grow across
     multiple applications and all vertical market segments. More than
     75% of organizations use at least one application.
  2. While notebook computers will be an option, smartphones are in a
     position to play an increasingly important role.
  3. In spite of the great benefits, significant costs, and risks, many
     companies leave implementation decisions to individuals

.For more details click here <http://www.cyrencall.com//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=17&Itemid=62>

*New Mobile WiMAX Broadcast TV Service Debuts at CES in Las Vegas*

1/9/06 - MobiTV, Inc. announced it will be demonstrating the first seamlessly unified multicast and unicast television solution for Mobile WiMAX. In addition, MobiTV will be demonstrating the integration of critical security and content protection layers through a partnership with NDS, the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV.

"The leaders in Mobile WiMAX infrastructure, data security and content delivery have banded together to present the future of cross platform entertainment," said Dr. Phillip Alvelda, CEO, chairman and co-founder, MobiTV. "This system proves how Mobile WiMAX service providers can bring truly interactive television to their subscribers in a personalized, secure and scalable manner today. This live Mobile WiMAX television demonstration is a huge step for the industry and the WiMAX standard."
*For more details click here <http://www.80216news.com/pubs/2007/01/09/page1299-405800.asp>

*Executive Summary: Fixed Wireless Carriers Report*

A new study from the New Paradigm Resources Group explains how fixed wireless ISPs are ready to embrace new opportunities.

by New Paradigm Resources Group [January 9, 2007]

Fixed wireless telecommunications is the transmission of voice, video, or data wirelessly to and from fixed locations. This differentiates it from portable (or nomadic) and mobile wireless telecommunications. Portable wireless allows users to send and receive voice, video, or data from various locations (as Wi-Fi users do when connecting to the Internet from an airport or a coffee shop). Mobile wireless allows users to communicate while moving (as cellular phones and onboard vehicle navigation systems do).

The fixed wireless carriers rely on licensed microwave or millimeter wave spectrum in the frequencies above 10 GHz. Although fixed wireless service can and is being provided in unlicensed and/or sub-10 GHz spectrum, the strongest business model for fixed wireless carriers is in the licensed spectrum above 10 GHz; accordingly, that is the focus of the Fixed Wireless Carriers Report^(TM).

For more details click here <http://www.isp-planet.com/fixed_wireless/research/2007/nprg_wireless_summary.html>


. Wi-Fi Home Setup <#1>
. Wireless Data Adoption <#2>
. WiMax vs. 3G <#3>
. Market 50 mill by 2010 <#4>


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