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Looking at a great possibility here, for a whole county in NJ installing a municipal driven wireless network, operating a public safety network as well as a broadband delivery component for other ISPs and Customers...

I've done this part. The network I was part of was not technically a "mobile" network, but the PD was able to drive to a location (pull-over or whatever) and have connectivity. They were streaming video and able to run license plates or whatever right from the car. There is no intervention on the part of the policeman necessary. It wouldn't take much to add a server to the police car that would allow the video captures to go to a small (physically small) server appliance in the car, and still allow the dispatcher, or whoever, to see the streams when they were in coverage area of the towers. Coverage in the city was very good, but not 100%. It was very close, actually. The police cars (about 25%) now have access points in the cars, so the officers can carry pdas with them inside a house or whatever.

The first one I did was police, fire, ambulance and city vehicles. Another city deployment I was part of was the same, but none of the city vehicles were part of the network. I was part of another one that was just fire and police.

Any PDF's or the like would be greatly appreciated as reading material :)

I cannot provide this type of information directly, because I am under NDA for all of the above (I was given permission to share a bit about one of them - it's in the archives). These were all built with Mikrotik routerboards in the cars. Some of them were amplified in the cars to allow them to get better coverage and some had amps on towers. One network was built with 900MHz as well as 2.4 and 5.8GHz gear. In one case, the Mikrotiks in the cars were without radios, and the client device was a separate unit.

In 2 of the 3 networks, the city/pd network is running on a distinct network and they are sharing the APs with local ISPs. We are using a combination of VLANs, Virtual APs and VPNs to keep the traffic separated.

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