Hire an attorney, get copies of what customers signed from an existing customer of his. Give it to the attorney along with the brief letter you got from the guy saying he was calling it quits. I see no need to let the CPE go to waste if you can make it work provided there is no legal / civil reason to avoid it. Worst case I see is you use the existing CPE for a while and then replace it if someone comes calling to claim it later. This is strictly my opinion though. Seek legal counsel no matter what you do. Best $100 you'll spend.

Mike Ireton wrote:

An operator in my local area, covering a small area I would nevertheless like to have, recently just upped and walked away from his operation, leaving all cpe in place and some very confused customers who were told to go get cable or dsl. He was very short with me in email and indicated that the equipment was leased and that he had had enough with trying to scratch out something more than an avarage living and is glad to be rid of it and out of the business, and no further communication will be possible, end of story.

Ethics question: Do I swoop in with my own backhaul and reactivate the system using the existing cpe units (mostly motorola, right up our alley), or do we build a new system from scratch and avoid these now defunct cpe's like the plauge?

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