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I've finally found the folks at the FBI that we need to talk to. We'll have a lot more info soon. We've also got Kris and Larry working on documentation for us.

First, CALEA is NOT a data retention requirement. Do do NOT have to routinely store any customer data in order to be compliant.

CALEA is, basically, an electronic wire tap. WE have to be able to surreptitiously intercept a data stream from our customer, copy that to a device, then VPN that data to law enforcement. And ONLY that data. (Unless you are also a voip provider, then you'll have to send the voice stream differently.)

You MAY be subpoenaed separately for any log files or other records that you routinely keep in relation to your business. But that's NOT a part of CALEA.

The FBI was very clear. THEY aren't to be given the ability to snoop on your whole network as a part of CALEA. YOU have to provide the customer data stream, after you've broken it out from the rest of your data flow.

There are already standards in place on what and how to do this for the DSL industry, cable is working on a standard. The conversation was more technical than I can recall word for word, but it sounds like it would be a very very good idea for us to either adopt an existing CALEA standard or develop one for our industry. Anyone care to head up a committee on the topic???

I'll have more to you guys as I get it. Most of the really good stuff will likely be available only to WISPA members though. Certainly the write-up that's being done by the legal beagles will only be available to WISPA membership.

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