Not to seem dense, but aren't all of those various forms of voice protocols?

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Frank Muto wrote:  See website for more details

     Service Type Technology

     Voice   Wireline / Wireless: TIA TR45 TIA/EIA J-STD-025-A
                                       TIA TR45 TIA/EIA J-STD-025-B
Wireline VOIP: (LAES) for Voice over Packet Technologies in Wireline Telecommunication Networks PTSC ATIS-1000678 (T1.678v2) Cable VOIP Release 1.1: PacketCable Electronic Surveillance Specification
Cable VOIP Release 1.5: PacketCable Electronic Surveillance Specification
Cable VOIP Release 2.0: PacketCable Electronic Surveillance Delivery Function Collection Function Interface Specification PKT-SP-ES-DCI-I01 PacketCable Electronic Surveillance Intra-Network Specification PKT-SP-ES-INF-I02 Voice over Packet: Electronic Surveillance Needs for Carrier Grade Voice over Packet Service
       CDMA2000 VOIP: LAES for CDMA2000 VoIP TIA-1066
       UMTS VOIP: WTSC P.0008 (In Ballot)
     Push-To-Talk   UMTS / GPRS: T1P1 T1.724 Rel. 5 - UMTS
       ESMR: EWA Electronic Surveillance for ESMR Dispatch Ver. 1.0
       CDMA2000 POC: TIA-1072
     Paging   PAGING: Paging, Advanced Messaging, CALEA - Ver. 1.3
     Data Access   UMTS / GPRS: T1P1 T1.724 Rel. 5 - UMTS
       CDMA 2000: TIA TR45 LAES J-STD-025-B, plus Addendum 1
       Wireline: PTSC T1.IAS (In Ballot)

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That was my understanding as well Scott.  I can't seem to remember what
formats they said were ok to use, do you?

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