I just read this now- but I would say that you likely didn't deploy a
packetwave with the CBR qos enabled. Aperto works like crap if you don't
Set up service flows on a bsr.

On 1/9/07 9:41 PM, "Tom DeReggi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Jeff,
> Not to be confrontational but.....
>> 400 calls per sector
> Hogwash, not a chance in heXX.
> I do agree that Aperto was one of the first products in the market place to
> offer full feature sets in one package, with strengths on its QOS and
> Bandwidth management, and NLOS ability.  A lot of smart innovated things on
> their radios, much earlier than other vendors.
> But its down fall was limiting itself to only 6 Mhz channels, and mandatory
> pre-defined split of bandwidth allocated for each direction, limiting its
> possible bandwdith to approximately 1/6 what the VL could deliver REAL
> WORLD.  Aperto limited themselves to believe there wouldn't be fast enough
> backhauls to justify having faster sectors, which was wrong. They also
> didn't consider "noise" as a key factor, when doing their math on what speed
> they could get with 6Mhz.  Then throw in their lack of having remote live
> testing tools, so half the time it was hard to even know what performance
> was even being acheived, without a truck roll and taking the client down to
> test.
> I got better VOIP performance out of our Trango's than I did Aperto, which
> is why we pulled our Aperto out of DC.
> Tom DeReggi
> RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
> IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband
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> Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2007 4:02 PM
> Subject: Re: [WISPA] churn, double play and why WLP is key - I
> finallyunderstand it
>>> I believe it can now be said without reservation, that if you are using
>>> unlicensed and wanting to implement a double play of VoIP + data, the
>>> ONLY product out there that can do it in scale and with toll quality is
>>> BreezeACCESS VL.
>> Bzzz.. Wrong.
>> Aperto supports toll quality voice of about 400 calls per sector, on 1/3
>> of
>> the channel width that vl requires.
>> Other than aperto though, I would agree with most of your sentiments.
>> -
>> Jeff
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