To be honest with you this article only mentions 700MHz as a way to generate revenue from the auction to pay for public safety interoperability. There are some public safety officials that feel that DHS should fund public safety interoperability instead of waiting for the auction since there is
a deadline of Sept 30 as to when funding needs to be distributed by.

As I understand it WISP's should not expect to get a piece of this spectrum unless they open their wallets and bid for it. Even then it would be unusable to the average WISP because the equipment would be prohibitively expensive. The main reason the average WISP can deploy their network is because the equipment costs are reasonably priced, relatively speaking.

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700 MHz availability is a big deal for us. Can you please take the points in this article apart and let us know what you know about what is going on here? If funds are available which could help us gain licensed spectrum then knowing the inside scoop on this process is a big deal and could yield us spectrum. Your thoughts are appreciated. I have to admit I am out of the loop on the status of 700 MHz currently. There have been so many changes in direction and policy regarding this band that I do not know where we stand with access to this spectrum. I heard at the WCA show last week that there will be an auction of some of that band in about 6 months. That is all I know currently.

On a side note, unless you own 2.3 or 2.5 GHz spectrum there was little for you to see at the WCA show this time around. I was there to look for direction in the AWS spectrum I own now. There was very little talk of AWS at this show.

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As quoted from the article;

"Under a law passed in December, the Department of Commerce is required to award $1 billion in interoperability grants by Sept. 30. While public-safety officials have applauded the decision by Congress to make the $1 billion in funding available immediately�instead of waiting for the completion of the 700 MHz auction, which will provide the revenue source for the money�they have expressed
concern about the disbursement process."

I found this very interesting and may shed some light on what the motive behind the 700MHz space.

Full article here;

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