That actually may be the head of the nail..... Maybe not everyone DID fill it out honorably -- and hence the data is seriously flawed... Data that the FCC uses regularly to deregulate. Data that the FCC and the gov't uses regularly to grant so much to the ILECs.

Someone needs to verify the raw data.

- Peter

Tom DeReggi wrote:

I disagree with that. Confidentiality was promised to the form fillers. If that confidentiality is breached, ISPs would never honestly fill them out again, after being betrayed. The FCC is holding firm, as they know, its the only way to keep getting accurate data, and standing behind its word is protects the integrity of the FCC.

I do not believe that the FCC GOA has any benefit to fudge their findings.

Tom DeReggi
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You know that if they don't want to give up the raw data that they have fudged the heck out of it! It has been suggested by many folks, including Peter Huber, that it might be time to put the FCC out to pasture.

- Peter

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