The standard (as far as how gear can operate in the bands) has been created through the NPRM known as 04-186 which has gone through about 3 years of the FCC meat grinder. There is no IEEE standard or anything like that but the rules are as clear as any other unlicensed standard. Companies like Intel, Cisco, etc. have equipment designed and built which they say can be used to deliver unlicensed broadband in these spaces today. They are being tight-lipped about it though.

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Any info through the grapevine about the likelihood of this spectrum becoming unlicensed? Then, I suppose a standard will have to be drafted and approved before we see any gear. So is that a couple of years if we're lucky before we can use sub-700Mhz to penetrate through trees in rural America?


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This might clear up some confusion about which spectrum might become unlicensed.
As quoted from the press release;

"The WIN Act specifically requires the FCC to permit license-free use of the unassigned broadcast spectrum between 54MHz and 698 MHz within 180 days of enactment. This legislation will enable entrepreneurs to provide affordable, competitive high-speed wireless broadband services in areas that otherwise have no connectivity to broadband Internet."

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