I knew there was an 802.22 effort but I had no idea that it was geared for any particular spectrum until now. Glad to hear the efforts are underway. Isn't Flarion's IP based closely on what will be 802.22? Was there an earlier effort for 802.22 standards development that was spectrum agnostic? This caught me completely by surprise. Thanks for the info Steve and welcome back to writing for our industry. We missed your crystal ball. :-) Steve, could you send us a link(s) to where we can find what you are writing these days?

Steve Stroh wrote:


There IS an IEEE standard in the works for the TV whitespaces - 802.22 - http://www.ieee802.org/22/



On Jan 24, 2007, at Jan 24  07:55 AM, John Scrivner wrote:

The standard (as far as how gear can operate in the bands) has been created through the NPRM known as 04-186 which has gone through about 3 years of the FCC meat grinder. There is no IEEE standard or anything like that but the rules are as clear as any other unlicensed standard. Companies like Intel, Cisco, etc. have equipment designed and built which they say can be used to deliver unlicensed broadband in these spaces today. They are being tight- lipped about it though.


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