Hi, Forbes. I have two additional thoughts for you concerning climbing


The first is that Dave Sovereen is definitely right: Unless you possess the
skills and equipment (and access to the records) to accurately assess the
condition of used climbing gear, whether yours, your employees or a
potential purchase, you are definitely wiser to purchase new equipment. Not
only does your life (or that of your employees) depend upon it but an
accident-caused by faulty or improperly utilized equipment-that results in
injuries, a fatality or even significant property damage can bring the wrath
of OSHA down upon your company (not to mention the inevitable feeding frenzy
from hordes of personal injury attorneys!) and easily ruin your company


Secondly, I buy all of my guys' equipment from CERTEX (
http://www.certex.com/CERTEX_Main_index.html ). They may not be the cheapest
source in the world but they handle only professional quality (translate:
fully OSHA-rated) gear, and their prices are very competitive due to their
large sales volume. Every one of their locations I've shopped in the past
was staffed by knowledgeable and helpful folks (and they carry some really
cool stuff!)  {:-)


I hope that this helps, Ted


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www.midwestunlimited.com.  The Elk River Eagle LE or LX harnesses are good
and comfortable at a good price-point.  I would highly recommend NOT buying
a used harness.  Your harness is to keep you from falling to your death and
you don't want to rely on a used harness that you don't know the complete
history/condition of.




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Hello Fellow WISP's


I need to purchase a tower climbing harness.  If you have one to sell,
great, if you know of a company that sells them that would be great too.



Forbes Mercy

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