That is exactly the issue I have.  The system I need this for is an
extremely rural retirement community, satellite-connected WISP
with 1meg down 128k up and 266megs total per day limit (8gig
spread over 30 days).  Just one all night P2P session will cause
the upstream provider to cut the connection to 56k up/down for
weeks until the total usage drops to 6gig in the previous 30 days.
Then nobody's happy.  Meanwhile, babyboomers are retiring
and moving from the city where they got 4 to 6 meg Roadrunner
and Cox connections and expect the same service at the same
pricepoint.  T1's run up to 2200$/month. Needless to say, I am
also looking for other bandwidth sources...  Even with a GOOD
Internet pipe, I'll need software to make sure everyone plays fair,
especially at the dawn of IPTV.

On Wed, 24 Jan 2007, Matt Liotta wrote:

Have you thought about selling the customer a pipe that works for
any and all traffic at the speed the customer signed up for as
opposed to deciding for the customer?

When your head dips below the cloud cover, you will realize that not
everyone has this luxury.  Many on this list are selling residential
service at lowball rates.  Also, most of them are paying premium
prices for bandwidth.  You can't build a business model around
unlimited access for $30/month and pay for an $800+ T1, if you allow
every even 128k without restrictions.

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