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The only time that makes sense, is when it pays to do it, that's why. So why and how would someone profit from doing it. Answer that question, and you'll answer why there are broadband problems in the US (if there really is any) and it won't require a single confidentiality breach, or anything else.
It does pay. It allows the ILECs (both RBOC & RLEC) to say that they have BB in every zip code --- ubiquious coverage. Competition works! You can deregulate now. Oh, by the way, please send that USF check today to pay for me to put in more DSLAMs. Thank you.

Remember, this argument is about the SUCCESS of a set of policies, and that people want to change them. Frankly, I think the spread of broadband coverage is going to go about the same speed no matter if the governemnt gets deeply involved or not. About the best it can do proactively is nothing. The best it can do at all, is GET OUT OF THE WAY.

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